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Road Ready is a key program conducted by the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services to assist new drivers. It is aimed at making substantial reductions in the number and severity of road crashes involving young drivers in the 17 - 25 age group. It is a comprehensive educational program that will help prepare young ACT people to become safer and more responsible drivers.

There are four modules and each has a targeted audience:

  • The Pre Learner module - for parents and early adolescents.
  • The Pre-Licence Learner Driver module - for (mostly) Year 10 students.
  • The Learner Driver Module - for parents, the learner driver and professional driving schools.
  • The Solo Licensed Novice Driver - provisional licence holder.

Key components of the program are:

  • A classroom program that includes a range of interactive activities designed to help make young people aware of issues relating to safer road use before they begin to learn to drive.
  • Encouragement for parents or carers to make time available for extra driving practice for learner drivers.
  • Support for provisional licence holders with information, and encouragement to participate in a workshop around the experiences of driving in the first six months of having a licence.

For more information about the program please contact Road Ready on:

Or download:

Download: Road Ready brochure (PDF File - 507k)