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Driving in the wet

This time of year is a time when you can't avoid driving in the rain. Driving on a wet road is very different to driving in dry conditions. You need to remember to drive slower!

Visibility can be a real problem in the wet. Reflections in the water on the road and wet windows can make it very difficult for you to see others on the road - cars, trucks, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians - and for them to see you.

It takes longer to stop on a wet road than on a dry one:

  • Increase the gap between you and the vehicle in front so that you have more time to stop if needed (at least a 4 second gap in the wet is best).
  • Match your speed to the conditions, which may be slower than the speed limit for the road.
  • Remember that when it first begins to rain the roads can be even more dangerous, than after it has rained for some time. This is because oil and other deposits on the road can combine with the water to make things very slippery.

So take it easy in the wet!

Speeding video (MPG 3.0MB)
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