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The Road Ready Plus or course has been designed to support new drivers through a critical period in their driving.

The course is optional and is only available to you after you have held a provisional licence for at least 6 months. The course involves small groups of new drivers meeting together and participating in a facilitated discussion workshop around the experiences of driving. You also need to do two small tasks before commencing the course. In total it takes about 5 hours.

Talking through things that come up in your early months of driving can be helpful - not only to yourself but to others. After successfully completing the Road Ready Plus course you will no longer have to display your P plates. Your demerit points allowance will increase from four to eight points - not so that you can go out and drive harder and faster - but because you deserve a reward for wanting to learn beyond your Ps!

For more information, current course costs and availability please visit

Road Ready Plus inquiry
Click on the link above to send us an email about a Road Ready Plus ( course. Please include your name and telephone number.
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Road Ready Plus brochure (PDF 129KB)
Find more information about the Road Ready Plus ( course in this brochure.
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