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Road Ready Plus (

Q. Is there a special age group for the Road Ready Plus ( course?

A. Yes, the course is designed for provisional licence holders 17 to 25 years of age. Provisional licence holders aged 26 years or older are not eligible to attend the course, however, 6 months after obtaining their licence they are automatically given an additional 4 demerit points and will no longer be required to display P plates. Such licence holders should check with the ACT RTA to ensure that this has occurred before they remove the P plates from their vehicle

Q. Where do I book to do a Road Ready Plus ( course and what does it cost?

A. Please visit for current course costs and availability.

Q. I am on a provisional driver licence and I have reached my demerit points allowance of 4 points, because of a traffic offence. If I do the Road Ready Plus ( course before I pay the fine and get a letter of suspension, will I get the extra 4 demerit points allowance for completing the course, and be able to keep my licence?

A. No, your licence conditions at the time of the offence is noted and if your demerit points allowance at that time was 4 points, your licence will be suspended regardless of you attending the course. However, if you complete the course, your demerit points allowance will be increased and your P plate can be removed from your vehicle when your suspension period is completed. The course can be undertaken during a suspension period as there are no practical driving components in the course. Please note that you must have held your provisional driver licence for a period of at least six months before you can undertake the Road Ready Plus (P-off ) Course. Suspension and cancellation periods are not counted towards the mandatory six month provisional licence period.

Q. After getting my provisional licence, how soon before I can do the Road Ready Plus ( course?

A. At least 6 months after obtaining your provisional licence.