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Overseas Licence Holders

Q. How and where do I book to do a Road Rules Knowledge Assessment Test?

A. You do not need to book, simply attend a Ready Ready Centre and take the test. They are located at:

North Canberra Office
Block D, Canberra Technology Park
47 Phillip Ave
Watson ACT
Phone 61625152

South Canberra Office
70 Dundas Court
Phillip ACT
Phone 62828990

You will need to provide the appropriate Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residency (POR) at the time you present for the test. A list of POI and POR requirements can be found on page 6 and 7 of the ACT Road Rules Handbook.

See for proof of identity and residency requirements.

Q. I come from overseas, what do I have to do to get an ACT Licence?


If you are the holder of a full driver licence (a learner or provisional licence is not acceptable) and you are from an approved country (see Recognition of approved overseas licences), you will not have to do a Road Rules Knowledge Test or practical test when you apply for an ACT licence. This only applies to a car or motorcycle licence. Applicants for a heavy vehicle classification must undertake the appropriate heavy vehicle knowledge test and practical driver assessment. These requirements also apply to holders of a New Zealand driver licence.

If you are the holder of a driver licence and you are not from an approved country, you will be required to pass a Road Rules Knowledge Test and a practical driver assessment. If you wish to obtain your ACT licence through the CBT&A system you will be obliged to take out a learner driver licence. If you decide to obtain your ACT licence through this method, your overseas licence will become invalid for use in the ACT at the point the learner driver licence is issued.

Where an overseas licence holder fails a practical assessment with a Government examiner, the overseas licence is deemed to be invalid and the licence holder is required to take out a learner licence and abide by the conditions of that licence.

Q. How much does it cost to do the Road Rules Knowledge Assessment Test?

A. $40.00 (including GST). Note that you are only permitted 2 attempts at the test in one day.

Q. Is the knowledge test available in other languages?

A. No, but an authorised interpreter can be arranged. Contact a Road Ready Centre office on Tel: 6162 5152 or 6282 8990, and they will arrange an interpreter and book a time for the licence applicant to take the test.