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Provisional Driver Licence

Q. How long must I display my P plates for?

A. You must display a P plate for 3 years, which is the full term of your provisional licence. This period can be reduced if you undertake the optional Road Ready Plus Course after you have held your provisional licence for six months or more.

Q. How long am I required to hold a provisional licence before I go to a full licence?

A. You must hold a provisional licence for 3 years to go to a full licence.

Q. What age must I be and how long must I have held my learner driver licence before I can go for my provisional licence?

A. A learner licence holder must be at least 17 years of age and have held a learner licence for a minimum of 6 months before being able to obtain a provisional driver licence.

Q. How many demerit points am I allowed on my provisional licence?

A. Once you reach 4 points your licence will be suspended for a minimum of 3 months. The demerit points allowance will be increased to 8 if you successfully complete the optional Road Ready Plus Course. It should be noted that if a provisional licence is suspended for any period of the provisional licence, the suspension period is added to the provisional licence period.

Q. Due to traffic infringements, I have reached my demerit points allowance, can I get a probationary licence, special licence or good behaviour period?

A. No. Provisional licence holders who reach their demerit points allowance have their licence suspended for 3 months. There are no provisions available for the reinstatement of a provisional licence during the suspension period either through the court system or within the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Regulations.

Q. What is the maximum speed limit permitted for ACT provisional drivers in the ACT and Interstate?

A. ACT provisional drivers can drive to the posted speed limit in the ACT and in all other States and Territories including NSW.